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  We Welcome You To Our Restaurant - Tozzi's on 12th

              Now Celebrating Our 8th Anniversary!

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The Tozzi Grandparents sailed from Italy to America while still in their teens. The year was 1914
and they settled in Magnolia, Ohio. It was there that the family business was established.

Now, as we establish our restaurant here in Canton, Ohio, with our Fourth Generation Tozzi children,
we welcome you to dine with us.

Michael Tozzi - cooking for over 40 years and his staff at Tozzi’s on 12th prepare entrees by using
a unique blend of old-world Italian Family Recipes and combine the latest in today’s culinary
style to create “cooked to order” entrees.

We ask that you sit back, relax and enjoy your dining experience with us as we specially prepare
your dinner with the extra time, care and quality just as Papa and Mama Tozzi did generations ago.